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Make Your Homemade Wind Turbine Step by Step and Take Advantage of Wind Energy

Make Your Homemade Wind Turbine Step by Step and Take Advantage of Wind Energy

Make your Homemade wind turbine step by step

Having domestic solar energy systems (or considering having them) is becoming increasingly common. However, the same does not happen with wind. Would you like to start taking advantage of this energy source? If so, we explain how to make a homemade wind turbine up to 12 volts, which you can install in the patio or on the terrace of your home.


wind turbine home materials

The Materials that We will Need for this Project are:

A motor. You can reuse it from old electronic equipment, such as an old printer, a video or a scanner. If you do not have any at hand, you can buy it online.
PVC cutter.
A piece of PVC pipe between 7 and 10 cm wide and around 2'5 long.
Another piece of PVC pipe of the same diameter, but about 7.5 cm long.
A piece of PVC pipe 2.5 cm in diameter and 2.5 cm. long.
A piece in T for the connection of PVC pipes of around 2'5 cm wide.
Piece for joining PVC pipes.
Plastic (for example, the box of an old CD).
A flange for the support.
22 AWG cable (0.6 mm diameter).
Wire strippers

First step: Prepare all the pieces.
Cut the PVC pipes so they have the indicated size. Remove the ring from the pipes as this will prevent them from turning easily.

Take the motor and wrap it in electrical tape until it fits into the connector part of the pipes. Next, cut and strip the ends of the cable making sure you have enough extra material.

Split the piece of plastic you had, in this case the CD case, and make sure you leave it clean of any part that sticks out. Now, with the 2'5 × 2'5 pipe that you had, make a cut in which you can fit the CD. For this you can use a PVC cutter or a saw.

Second Step: Wiring.

Solder the cable to the motor. In this case, the positive of the engine was welded and marked as negative and the negative as positive since this is going to be used to take energy and not to receive it. Once welded, slide the cable through the T piece, the 7.5 cm pipe, the connecting piece and the other pipe, the 2.5 mm pipe.

Drill a hole in the 2'5 cm pipe and slide the wire through it. Next, connect all the pieces taking care that they do not remain excessively tense, since this would prevent the turbine from turning.
Third step: Fin of the wind turbine.
Connect the CD case to the 2'5 × 2'5 pipe by sliding it into the cut you had previously made. Subsequently, join this pipe with the piece in T.

Fourth Step: Paste and Try.

Prove that everything is well assembled and stick it. Again, try not to tighten too much in this phase because if the pieces are too tight in the generator will not rotate.

Step Five: Check the Results.

As you will see in these videos, if everything went well, your homemade turbine should work exactly like that.

Sixth step: Final suggestions.

In these images you can see several options for the blades of your homemade wind turbine, including a solution made with a plastic bottle. Among all the options, the ones that showed the best results with light winds were the blades acquired in the market, of which four were incorporated into the wind turbine.

As you will also see in the images, you can combine the wind power with the solar by adding a small panel to reinforce the motor and provide extra energy.

Extra Tips

If you need more advice you can get it with this tutorial that will allow you to finish your wind turbine or improve the one you have created to give you the best possible result.

Complete instructions and original project in Instructables .

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Warning Signals That Your Body Has Toxins

How can you know if you need detoxification of the entire body? Your body will tell you, you just need to know how to listen and what to look for when the body is trying to convey you a message.
In many cases, the list of the symptoms includes things that almost everyone experience occasionally. The important thing is how often this happens. If you often feel tired, or have constipation or indigestion and other problems, then it is very important.


With the huge increase in popularity of energy drinks and the enduring popularity of drinks with caffeine, you’d think the world has an epidemic lack of energy. However, attempts to make up for a lack of energy with stimulants like caffeine or taurine in the long run can only exacerbate the situation. After the increase of energy, energy decline will usually follow and you will feel even worse than before. This actually means burdening the liver, further deepening the problem and sending you into a spiral of low energy.

If in the morning, you feel sluggish and that feeling is more or less present throughout the day you should definitely consider detoxification as an option. The program for detoxification can help you regain energy and get rid of toxins.


 Chronic constipation is a sign that something is wrong with your digestive system. If you try to increase your fiber intake and adjust your diet, and the results turn out very limited, the reason may be that your body is telling you that you need cleaning. Frequent indigestion is also a common sign of problems with the digestive system.
If you have years of accumulated waste in the system, constipation could be just one of the symptoms of a larger and more serious problems.
Along with cleaning the body and colon you should introduce plenty of healthy foods such as raw fruits and vegetables and avoid the intake of fried foods and other unhealthy meals so that your body gets a chance to rest, and to get the vitamins and minerals it needs


If it often happens to you that you cannot focus on something and you often catch yourself floating in the “brain fog”, your body tells you it needs detoxification and it asks you for help. Do not misread this symptom as a sign that you need to use a drug or a specific medicine.
When you get rid of toxins in the form of candida, heavy metals and other harmful substances, you will be surprised how much you can better focus on the tasks and responsibilities.

Detoxification will help your body to get rid of toxins that prevent your brain to work at full speed. Cleaning of candida can regain clarity, focus and concentration, and get your sharpness back.


The way you feel is largely dependent on your ability to feed your body with nutritious foods. Your mood can be changed by right or wrong meal, and often food consumption of poor quality for extended period can bring you in a depressed state.
The problem is that when you start to make changes in order to feel better and start to change the diet to include more nutritious foods, toxins block the nutrients so that they cannot find its way to the brain. Toxins have the ability to be nested within the body and can stay there as long as they are not affected by some other force. It is important to distinguish between the gloomy and depressive feelings and clinical depression. If you believe you may have clinical depression, it is important to consult with a doctor to get the best help.

If you are not at your ideal weight even after several attempts of weight loss, the problem may be the fact that you are losing this battle because of all the toxins in the body.
Turning a new leaf and introducing the body with healthy food will not work as well as you would expect if in the body there is a waste that prevents the absorption of vitamins and minerals that the food contains.
Detoxification will not only help the body to reject waste and lose weight as a by-product of detoxification, but it will lay the foundation for a healthy weight loss by adopting a better diet and more active lifestyle. Detoxification returns your body to normal state and a new beginning instead of swimming upstream which happens when we try to be healthy while we still have a lot of stored toxins.


The excessive amount of toxins can keep you awake at night while frantically turning as your natural sleep cycle is disturbed. Melatonin signals the body to be asleep, but if the body is too toxic, it can reduce the amount of melatonin, which is released and so there a domino effect is created when it comes to natural, restorative sleep.
When the body is constantly in a state that is not natural, and this happens if you have too many toxins in the body, you will feel like you are not in rhythm with nature. Therefore, you will to stay up late and wake up later than you should or you will feel like you need more sleep than you actually need.
Try detoxification before turning to sleep aids, which will only deepen the problem.


A lot of wasted time in trying to solve this problem could be to compensate with detoxification program. The genitals are like every other organ and their proper functioning can be disturbed when there are too many toxins in the body. Many people who go through the program of detoxification note that they enhance sex drive and sexual performance are better than they were prior to detoxification. If your reproductive organs do not get the vitamins and minerals they need to do their job due to toxicity, your physical performance will be affected and you may incorrectly blame yourself for it.
If you’ve never did detoxification and your sexual performance and desire gradually disappear, it may not be a sign of aging, but a sign that you need detoxification.


Some headaches is very easy to identify, for example, with headaches that are caused by a stressful day, or are due to too much noise. However, if you suffer from regular headaches and their cause is not obvious, perhaps you have too much toxins in your body.
Headache is a fairly reliable way that your body tells you something is wrong. It gets your attention and can completely freeze life if it is strong enough. Instead of treating the symptoms of pain, it is better to consider whether your headaches are caused by toxins.
Before you try a new drug or presume that you will have these headaches for life, try a detox program to see if the problem is an excessive amount of toxins.


Are you in the morning drained and stiff even though the previous day you were not doing anything hard? If you do some rough sports or practicing martial arts, it makes sense if you wake up feeling as if you got hit by a truck. But what if you do not have good reason to feel this way?
When you have toxins in your body that need to be expelled, it is more likely that you will suffer from inflammation because many types of foods and drinks that cause toxicity can also lead to inflammation.
If you have never worked detoxification to get the toxins out from the body, they have piled up over the years and can lead to premature and groundless inflammation and stiffness.


You may have noticed that you have skin problems, but nothing that you did solve the problem. When the body releases toxins they can lead to inflammation rashes and allergic reactions on the skin, as well as sneezing, coughing and asthmatic conditions.

Surface treatment was not helpful because the cause of skin problems is excessive toxicity of the body. It is time to eradicate the root cause with serious program for detoxification which will remove skin problems also.
It can happen that the detoxifications eject a rash or other skin problems to the surface, especially if it cleans a large amount of toxins. These problems will be withdrawn by the end of the process and should not be confused with the worsening of your problems.

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How to make a mouse trap at Home without damage to the Animal

How to make a mouse trap at Home without damage to the animal

How to make a mouse trap that does not cause damage to the animal

This mouse trap is the best for animals and very easy to make homemade . The mouse will not be able to escape and will be easy to release when necessary.
With this trap the mice do not suffer any damage during their capture. In fact, the mouse feels very quiet as there are no doors that snap shut or break latches to scare you!
Mice can be released easily, quietly without fear of being bitten.
The trap is easy and fun to build. A great project for parents and children.
All you need is a 2-liter bottle and some other very common items.
Here you have the complete manufacturing instructions step by step, plus a demonstration of its operation.

Related:Another- How to make a mousetrap with a plastic bottle , 

Here is another project that also uses a plastic bottle as a base, but where the closing mechanism changes, you can choose which one best suits your needs.

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How to make a greenhouse step by step Learn - Home Grown Veg

How to make a greenhouse step by step


If you've ever dreamed of living independently and owning the food you eat, a home greenhouse can be a big step toward that goal. Having your own vegetables , homegrown, is without a doubt the best way to control what you eat , to know that the food in your house is the natural thing that you want it to be.
And thinking that you can make your own greenhouse to grow your own food by investing only small sum of money makes it incredible! But for this you will have to recycle and reuse many of the materials to be used. If this option does not convince you, we propose another that is to  build a greenhouse with wooden structure .
Here you will discover how to make a greenhouse in a simple way.
How to make a homemade greenhouse step by step
The design that we propose is offered to us free of charge by this website , where you can find complete instructions to make a greenhouse step by step of about 15 square meters, but that can be adapted to make it larger depending on the space that your garden allows.
The main materials to build your own greenhouse will be pallet wood, you will have to start saving pallets with time, bamboo canes, nails and greenhouse plastic.

How to make a Home Greenhouse

You will have to start cleaning the area where you are going to install it. We will make a ditch along the entire contour of the terrain that we have chosen. It should be about 40 cm since it should hold a pallet vertically. We must join pallet with pallet to give robustness to the structure. We can use appropriate pallet boards and nails. Once the pallet structure is obtained, the idea is to have a "beam" of central wood where the reeds that we will extract from the sides will pass. After that, all that remains is to place the plastic and secure the assembly.

In the video you have the complete instructions:

Advantages of greenhouses.

  • Intensifies the production : they establish good conditions for the development of our plants, by the isolation of the exterior.
  • Increases the yield : it increases of 2 to 3 times in comparison with the open field, in hydroponic cultures they can become 10 times.
  • Less problems : protecting crops minimizes climate damage.
  • Water saving : drip irrigation is normally used in greenhouses, which is a great saving in irrigation.
  • Better control of pests and diseases : its hermeticity is key to good control of pests and diseases.
  • We can grow all year round : Climate control inside the greenhouse allows us to grow all year round without problems.

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How to make your own LED bulbs

Reducing the energy you consume in your home and, thereby, saving on your electricity bill and emissions has a lot to do with the use of LED bulbs. If you are aware of these aspects and, in addition, you like to create with your own hands all (or at least part) of what you need for your home, we tell you how to make your own LED bulbs. Although it will take some time and can put your patience to the test, this project will provide hours and hours of sustainable lighting for the home.

Materials and tools needed

  • A halogen bulb without a glass cover on the front. You can use a reused one or buy it again.
  • LED spotlights, as many as you consider, but beware, if you go beyond 22 the work can be hard.
  • Superglue or other composite glue.
  • Welder and cable for welding.
  • A small piece of 0.2 mm aluminum foil.
  • A paper punch.
  • Internet access to consult to calculate the range of light. This will allow you to estimate the resistances that you will need.

Manufacturing step by step.

First step: Empty the bulb.

The first thing you will have to do is remove the cement finish from the base of the bulb. For this, the ideal will be to use a small screwdriver. As soon as you start with this task you will see how this finish comes off in the form of fine dust. Carry out this operation with care, so as not to damage the bulb.

Second step: Detach the bulb's focus.

Once you have extracted all the finishing you can, hit with a hammer the pins of the bulb. Do it carefully, but firmly. The bulb inside should come off and fall on the table you're working on. With this, the reflector will remain empty.

Third step: Prepare the support.

To make your support for the bulb you will need a template.  Keep in mind that the size of the disk will be what you decide and that the more bulbs, the bigger the disk should be.
The first thing you have to do is print the template and cut the one you are going to use. Place it on the aluminum foil and glue it with glue.
Then take the sheet and make the holes with a hole punch. To do this, keep the piece face down and enter both the aluminum and the template that you have pasted. Although this operation can take your time, it should not be complicated.

Fourth step: Discover how to connect LEDs.

In this step you will have to pay attention to the way in which you will have to connect the LEDs. For this, consult . Once you enter your parameters, you will get the most suitable solution. In the picture you can see the one that was contributed for this 22 LED and 12 volt project.

Step five: Mount the LED board.

Place the aluminum disc on some surface where it can be held firmly. Once you get it, insert the LEDs in the holes with the legs facing out, so that a cathode is located next to an anode. If you do not follow this step, at the time of welding you will have many more difficulties.
Fix each LED with glue, being very careful not to apply it on the legs since, if you do, the welding will also be complicated.

Sixth step: Connect the LEDs.

Once you have finished with all the LEDs, apply glue around each of them to reinforce the fixation.Wait until it dries well before continuing.
Then, with a plier or a similar tool, cut the legs of the LEDs. To do this, keep in mind that, immediately after, you will have to bend an anode over the next cathode and so on until everything is connected. To avoid confusion, you can use a multimeter.
At this point five rows will be made with four LEDs in each of them. In addition, another one will be added only with two. The number of rows and LEDs will change according to the indications you obtained in the fourth step.
If you inserted the LEDs so that the cathode was next to the next anode, you will be happy about it in this phase of the project, in which you have to solder row by row. When you finish one of them, keep the final legs to different measures to more easily identify the positive and the negative.

Seventh step: Solder the structure.

Bend the longer legs as you see in the image and sweep them so that all the positives are connected.Next you will have to weld the resistors in vertical with the negatives. Try to perform this operation as quickly as possible since any excess heat can damage the LEDs.
There will still be more welding work, since then you will have to weld the resistances together so that there is only one negative for all the rows of the plate. Finally, weld the final legs with copper wire.
If you want to reinforce the structure, you can do it with a gluing gun, although welding should be sufficient.

Eighth step: Join the helmet and the disc.

Now retrieve the hull of the bulb and place the disk inside. Push until the disc touches the interior reflector. Once you do, apply glue. Make sure the disc is perfectly fixed so that the pieces do not come off. Once the glue dries, note the positive and negative, as well as the voltage, with a marker.

Ninth step: Check that everything works.

Now you only have to cut the legs so that the size is the same as that of the original LEDs and you will have finished. Before singing victory, make sure the bulb works and, now, the project will be ready. If the idea has attracted you, do not forget that you can put it into practice with bulbs of all colors and types, although you will have to take into account the voltage and current to calculate the resistances.

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10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives (2018)

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives (2018)

What a nice phrase on an email to start the day huh? Well, consider you’re not alone. Everyday, hundreds or thousands of accounts are being banned from Google’s Adsense program. Why? I can’t tell you specifically. Either there’s something wrong with the web you’re putting you ads on, or you just simply missed one rule from Google’s TOS.
Instead of crying or bashing Google in multiple forums (actually, this is a very bad idea), remember the world is not over yet, and there are plenty of alternatives out there to try. Google was just your first one, and you failed.
So, stand up, be proactive and act professional! There’s no time to lose.
Updated August (2018):
  • Eliminated Adversal from the list. once it was one of the best alternatives but they’ve closed their publishers program now.
  • Added Revcontent as 3rd contender. They have really great ads with good CPCs
  • Propellerads is working super good the last 3 months! Moved to no.2
  • has been moved to 1st placed due to good performance among the people who test it.

10 best Google Adsense Alternatives

Here are some of the best Google Adsense Alternatives you can try to monetize your website without using Google Adsense, and I’ll tell you how they work and why you should consider them, so let’s start:

10. Amazon Associates

Google Adsense Alternatives Amazon
You can make a good amount of money from Amazon, especially in Christmas and other holidays

Amazon is the biggest online store in the world, so they must be doing something good. Well, if you have a website that talks about any product that can be found on Amazon, then Amazon associates could work for you. Amazon allows you to put dynamic image ads to your blog, so that you can promote them and while this isn’t a Pay-per-click or CPM program, it will pay you a small commission for everything they sell from your links. So let’s say you have a blog about Apple products and you put an ad driving them to buy an iPod or just a cable. If they buy it, an small commission will be for you. So if you sell a $10 cable you might receive a few cents, but sell a $1500 Laptop and you might receive $100. The good thing is that everything they buy through your link (even if it isn’t the product you recommended at first) will generate a commission for your. the only con I find with Amazon, is that they need to send you a check that could take weeks to arrive to your home, unless you live in the United Stated of America where you can provide your Bank account. You can use this with Adsense at the same time.

9. Yllix Media

Yllix is a network I have heard a lot in the last years that has a decent CPM and many monetization options. Their homepage might look simple but their dashboard is great and it’s easy to get started. Yllix has Pop under ads, mobile redirects, sliders, layer ads and full page ads so you can get a good CTR and make money with them. Definitely a good option for starters and their approval is fast. Sign up here.

8. Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is a very strong network with several years in the industry. I’ve been working with them for 2 years and so far the results have been great. Revenue Hits is a Performance Ad network, which means they pay you for results (CPA, which is great for many niches). Revenue Hits has an advanced platform that learns from your Ads so if you give them a try make sure to keep their ads running for at least 3-4 days to get the best results. Another great thing is that they have different monetization channels available. You can create banner ads, sliders, pop -unders, buttons and more. Revenue Hits pays on a NET 30 basis and they issue payments via wire, Paypal and Payoneer! Create your account and get started in just a few minutes HERE!
Bonus: Read my full RevenueHits Review where I show you how I earn more than $1,000 per month.

7. Chitika

The reason I put Chitika on the number 3 of this list, is because Chitika is very similar to Adsense. they allow you to customize your ads, and it only serves contextual ads. One good thing is that you can use it along with Adsense and there are no problems at all. Chitika pays via Paypal ($10 USD minimum, which is good for starters) or via check ($50 minimum). If I were to recommend an ads service as an alternative to Adsense, Chitika would be my first choice, hands down. Chitika can pay you via paypal if you need. Sign up here and get your account approved fast and easily! Bonus: Check my Chitika earnings here.

6. PopCash

Popcash is another very good network that has been out for a long time and usually gives me similar results as PopAds (see number 4). PopCash has PopUnder ads with a great CPM and good inventory for all countries both for mobile and desktop traffic. You can request your payments inside the dashboard and they pay via Paypal, Payza and Paxum. Money transfers usually take 24-48 hours which isn’t bad at all. Sign up here and get started with Popcash.

5. Infolinks

Infolinks is one of the largest monetization networks in the world today, helping more than 200,000 online publishers in 128 countries earn money from their unused ad space. Their FREE to use native ads work perfectly with all ad solutions and don’t interfere with the user’s experience! From effective contextual and video ads, to engaging display banners – Infolinks’ highly customizable products will guarantee you make the most out of your traffic.
Their platform is very simple to integrate into your site, and is open to any publisher, big or small, with no setup fees, no minimum requirements for page views or visitors and no hidden commitments. Infolinks advertisers are selected based on quality, that’s why they work with worldwide leading brands such as: Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, Ali Express, Pizza Hut, TripAdvisor, Hyundai and many more. Start using Infolinks here.

4. PopAds

PopAds is a performance network specialized in Pop Unders. They have good rates and they can monetize all countries. Something great about PopAds is that they can pay daily as long as you earn $5 or more per day. Their quality is good, and they also have pop ups, tab ups/unders and other monetization methods. Their approvals are easy and setting your ads takes just a few minutes. Sign up as a publisher here.

3. RevContent

Revcontent is a Native Ads Network with some of the best quality ads and approval process in the industry. Native Ads have super high engagement vs. regular banners and they blend pretty well with your blog or website as they just look like related articles. Revcontent has great CPCs, paying 1-10 cents per each click and having a super wide network of advertisers from all over the world. Revcontent will pay you more revenue share and make your approval process faster if you sign up from a referral link. Click here to create your publisheraccount.
Some of the biggest websites in the world like Forbes and PCworld use Revcontent to add revenue to their Adsense earnings. Revcontent is a networks you should definitely try and you can easily mix it with other networks in this list to improve your earnings. Sign up here.

2. PropellerAds Media

Propeller Ads is one of the biggest pop-under networks available. They started working in 2011 and quickly developed into one of the biggest networks with great CPMs. They specialize in monetizing websites for the following niches: entertainment, videos/movies, games, dating, finances, software, gambling and more. If you’ve got one of this sites, you could make more money with Propeller than with Adsense. They also have banners but the pop unders work better overall. Also, if you’ve got mobile traffic, they’re a great Adsense alternative as they work closely with ad networks that monetize apps and mobile services leading to huge ROIs and great CPMs too.
Propeller pays on a NET 30 basis and they have a great fill rate for tier 2-3 countries. So if you’re struggling to monetize traffic from countries like India, Singapore, Turkey, South Africa, etc. Propeller has a big inventory for them too. Sign up as a Publisher with Propeller Ads here
Bonus: Check how to setup PropellerAds  and a case study on how to make $300 per day with PropellerAds and viral websites.


If you’re looking for the most similar Adsense Alternative, here you have it: The Adsense for Yahoo and Bing. is an industry-leading technology company that develops innovative digital advertising products for both publishers and advertisers. They have over 500 employees in key operation centers across – New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Zurich, Mumbai & Bangalore.
By Revenue, runs the #2 largest contextual ads program globally. powers the Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads program. exclusively manages technology, business operations and relationships with respect to publishers worldwide for this program. Today, is a leading global contextual advertising company that provides a wide range of advertising and traffic monetization solutions to a substantial and diversified client base. With more than 500 employees, has one of the largest teams worldwide building a global contextual advertising business. Plus, they take 2 days on average to get your account approved and will give you an extra 10% over your earnings the first 3 months! (way better than waiting weeks for an Adsense approval). Sign up here.
Bonus: Check out our full review and learn how to get started ASAP.

BONUS: Facebook Audience Network

I’m adding this in 2017 since it’s been one of our biggest earners. Facebook created Instant Articles back in 2015 and they started allowing you to monetize your articles last year with their Audience Network. We’ve made thousands of dollars with it, although this only applies if you have Facebook traffic from mobile users. For the rest, it’s better to monetize it with other networks like Adsense or Revcontent. Check out more info in the following link if you want to work with Facebook Instant Articles.

What can I learn from this?

Life can be rude sometimes. You Google Adsense account could have been banned because you didn’t catch a rule from the TOS, or maybe it was a mistake, however, you can’t always rely only on 1 solution. The secret word here is to “diversify”. Try to have as many income streams as you can by adding and testing different ad services, and you’ll find your way to the top. Those Google Adsense alternatives will help you develop as an Internet Marketeer even more.
Even if your Google Adsense account was banned, this is not the end of the world. In fact, it’s only the beginning 😉